Forestry Monitoring

Ogun State


Total number of Reserves in the State: 14

No Name Location Total Area Established Year Remarks
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1 Omo F/R Area J1 & J3 , Area J4, Area J6 & Ak, 16 Enclaves Ijebu East and Ijebu North Local Government 1305.5 kmsq, 519.3kmsq, 565.8kmsq, 220.4kmsq 65kmsq 1925 Productive
2 Olokemeji Forestry Reserve Odeda LG (Olokemeji) 58.88kmsq 1916 Degraded
3 Arakanga Forestry Reserve Odeda LG (Olokemeji) 2.39kmsq 1945 Protective
4 Ilaro Forestry Reserve Yewa South LG (Ipake) 46.08kmsq 1953 Degraded
5 Edun Stram Forestry Reserve Yewa South LG (Ilaro) 0.97kmsq 1953 Protective
6 Eggua Forestry Reserve Yewa North LG (Eggua) 41.47kmsq 1937 Degraded
7 Aworo Forestry Reserve Yewa North LG (Aworo) 212.99kmsq 1936 Degraded
8 Imeko Game Reserve Imeko-Afon LG (Imeko) 954.88kmsq 1933 Degraded
9 Ohumbe Forestry Reserve Yewa North LG (Oja Odan) 46.08kmsq 1936 Degraded
10 Area J4-Plantation Project Area J4-Plantation Project 1925 Productive
11 Headquarters, Abeokuta Headquarters, Abeokuta 1916 Productive
13 Area J3 Area J3
14 Area J1 Area J1
16 Area J6 Area J6


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