Forestry Monitoring

Ogun State




Acts Prohibited in the Forest Reserves
Whoever in any forest reserve, except with the authority in writing of the prescribed officer -
(a)       takes any forest produce;
(b)       uproots, burns, strips off the bark or leaves from, or otherwise damages any tree;
(c)        sets fire to any grass or herbage, or kindles a fire without taking due precaution to prevent its spreading;
(d)       smokes or lights a fire in any part of a forest reserve within which, or at a time when, smoking or the lighting of fires is prohibited by an order of the Governor;
(e)       pastures cattle or permits cattle to trespass;
(f)        digs, cuts, turns or cultivates the soil or makes a farm or plantation;
(g)       trespasses in any part of a forest reserve in which trespass shall be prohibited by an order of the Governor or during any period specified in an under of the Governor;
(h)       constructs any dam or weir across any river or stream or otherwise obstructs the channel of any river or stream;
(i)         resides or erects any building;
(j)         hunts or fishes;
(k)        damages in any way or destroys any forestry property,
Shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of fifty thousand naira and above or to imprisonment for twelve months or to both.


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2 Jun 2020, 2.38 pm

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